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Find the perfect teams for your organization.

Take your hiring strategy to the next level.

Elevated Campaigns

Create team campaigns to find new talent and find proven individuals that want to work with each other. Give your referral system a boost, with full teams ready to go.

Your Company, Your Culture

Culture is a big part of understanding teams, and we provide identifiable information on teams that help understand the team's culture. Match culture easier with Elevator teams.

Analytics & Assessment

Elevator provides analytics for all company related content. Change campaigns, and adjust team opportunities depending on what works for you.

Engage Candidates

Elevator quantifies proven teams to help you develop robust talent pipelines. Plan ahead by building genuine long-term relationships with key candidates.

Why Get on Elevator?

Acqui-hiring Teams

Elevator is changing how companies identify and acquire talent. Teams self-identify as wanting to work together and be hired together. Acquire proven teams without the costs and headache of an acquisition.

Talent Pipeline

Plan ahead by building genuine long term relationships with passive candidates. No more assembly line of sourcers relying on InMails or Recruiters rapidly pushing candidates through the process.

Increased Conversion

Increase conversion by identifying candidates working with colleagues they respect. Elevator provides a new way to consider opportunities by empowering the entire team.

Internal Mobility

Every company has internal talent desiring to work together. Elevator lowers attrition by helping your teams discover internal opportunities.

High Quality Referrals

Elevator identifies referrals to form a clear picture of the talent landscape. Elevator users identify only the people they know and trust.

Improved Retention

Teams that work well together, stay together. Hiring with Elevator improves retention by allowing your employees to see internal roles they may be interested in.

Culture and Authenticity

Authenticity is lost in the shuffle as Recruiters often rely on inefficient mechanized processes. Elevator is working to change the rush to fill roles at the cost of culture and team dynamics.

Unique Value

Team hiring provides quality candidates, shorter hiring cycles, and higher close rates. A monthly service fee connects you with interested teams.


    • Conventional

    • $0/month

      • At Elevator’s Discretion:
      • Free Team Listings
      • Free Featured Pages
      • 25% Placement Fee
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    • Enterprise

    • $399/month

      • Free 14 Day Trial
      • 20 Team Listings
      • 3 Featured Pages
      • Custom Analytics
      • Targeted Marketing
      • 20% Placement Fee
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